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TURBO Coordinator DTU will make four contributions to ECCM 21 next week in Nantes. The TURBO papers are given below, and the full programme is available here.

  1. In the session on “Permeability of fibrous reinforcements for resin flow II” (TUE 02-Jul-2024; 16:30; Room KL), Debabrata Adhikari will present a paper, “An efficient approach for mesoscale virtual permeability predictions using realistic fiber geometry extracted via micro-X-ray computed tomography.”
  2. In the poster session on WED 03-Jul-2024 (Mezzanine 16:00-17:30), Jesper John Lisegaard will present a poster on, “Quantifying intra-tow fiber volume fraction in GFRP: A comparison of 3D non-destructive X-ray computed tomography and destructive optical microscopy.”
  3. In the session on “Manufacturing defects in composite materials and structures (THU 09:15; Room 1), Jesper K. Jørgensen will give a paper on, “Finite element simulation of the driving mechanisms for cure-induced wrinkles.”
  4. In the session on “Understanding and improving longitudinal compressive strength V” (THU 04-Jul-2024; 16:30; Auditorium 450), Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen will give a paper on, “Compression strength predictions of uni-directional composites taken into account case-specific fibre orientation distributions.”

    Please come along and find out more about these fundamental materials topics.

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