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TURBO newsletter 3

  • Microscale model for prediction of local flow behaviour at DTU Construct
  • DTU Electro development of a novel supercontinuum laser for MIR OCT
  • NCC work on small-scale infusion trials for simulation validation
  • Other NCC research on thermography inspection of thick GFRP laminates.

TURBO newsletter 2

  • TURBO booth at AMI Wind Turbine Blades event (Dec-2023)
  • ESI progress on infusion process monitoring and simulation
  • An overview of ARDITEC work on sustainability assessment
  • Initial results on wireless monitoring development at CPI
  • NEW TURBO LinkedIn group!

TURBO newsletter 1

  • A look ahead to the annual meeting in Risø, held alongside a key
    conference in wind turbine technology
  • Resin selection for the TURBO project at DTU Wind
  • Development of mid-IR OCT for NDT in TURBO at NORBLIS
  • TURBO cure sensor technology from Synthesites
  • Mid-IR source development for OCT at DTU Elektro.