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Upcoming events

Advanced Engineering

2-Nov-2022 to 3-Nov-2022; Birmingham, UK

Engineering professionals from all sectors can network, learn and discover innovative new solutions and suppliers from the engineering supply chain across two action-packed days. James Lightfoot (NCC UK) will present on challenges in circularity in the wind power industry

International Conference on Sustainable Wind Turbine Blades: New Materials, Recycling and Future Perspectives

21-Nov-2022 to 23-Nov-2022; Roskilde, Denmark

This conferences offers lectures, round tables and sessions on a range of topics dedicated to the sustainability of wind turbine blades.

  • Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen (Assoc Professor, DTU,DK), A simplified wind turbine blade model for evaluation of sustainable materials systems
  • Jonas Pagh Jensen (Sustainability Specialist, SGRE, DK) Sustainable blades for a renewable future: Challenges, experiences and possibilities
  • James Lightfoot (Senior Technology Programme Manager – Energy, NCC Bristol , UK),SusWIND, delivering a sustainable future for composites in wind

Wind turbine blade manufacture

13-Dec-2022 to 15-Dec-2022; Düsseldorf, Germany

The event examines the manufacturing and performance of wind blade composites for large windmills. James Lightfoot (NCC UK) will present on NCC’s 20 MW turbine programme

International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM)

30-Jul-2023 to 04-Aug-2023; Belfast, UK

ICCM 23 will attract the leading researchers and practitioners, to report and exchange ideas on the latest developments in the advancement and exploitation of a wide range of composites materials and structures.

  • Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen (Assoc Professor, DTU,DK), presentation on compression strength predictions of composites